Raffles for 2015


Our raffles this year are:

  • Hourly 50/50, nightly
  • Mega 50/50 — winner receives 50% of the amount received for all tickets
  • 11 Themed Raffle Baskets provided by our SMS Families
  • (New for 2015) The Candy Jar Raffle (11 chances to win)

Visit the Raffles Page for details.

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Volunteers Needed!

The carnival proceeds go to St. Margaret’s Regional School.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

On each night we need approximately 60 volunteers to staff the Food Tents, Beer Garden and Games. Volunteers are needed from 5:45pm – 10:00pm.

Each night we need:

Food Tents – 12 volunteers (runners)
Beer Garden – 3 volunteers
Games – 40 + volunteers

Game booths include: Long Range Basketball, Short Range Basketball, Candy Table, Candy Wheel, Duck Pond, Frog Bog, Gravity Storm, Ladder Climb, Money Wheel, Peach Baskets with Fr. King, Ping Pong Float, Plant Wheel, Ring Toss, Shooting Star, Skee Ball, Stand the Bottle with Fr. King, Water Gun, Whack A Mole, Wrecking Ball and Balloon Burst.

If you’d like to volunteer, please use the button to contact our Volunteer Coordinators, Kevin and Lisa Rice, so they can send you the link to VolunteerSpot, our online scheduling system. You can sign up online for the day, time and area that you want to volunteer for. VolunteerSpot will also send you an email reminder.

Approximately 1 week before the carnival, volunteers will be invited to a brief orientation session that explains how each area functions. This will be particularly helpful for volunteers in the Game booths since we have strict procedures for awarding prizes.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

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New Ride for 2015: The Drop Tower!

New for 2015!

The Drop Tower will loom over the crowds at the St. Margaret’s Carnival this year.  Strap in and experience a controlled free-fall.  Are you brave enough to ride the Drop Tower?

Here are some images of the Drop Tower:

image3 image2 image1

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